About us


Atelier d'Architecture, headed by architects Eyal Mines and Graciela Vakrat since 1999,
is located in Kibbutz Lohmei Hagetaot in the Western Galilee.
With a staff of six architects and designers, the office is experienced in a variety of
projects, residential, commercial and public.


The natural environment and climate of the Western Galilee region, sights and history
combined, are the source of our inspiration and design language.


Our services include Site Analysis, Programming, Master planning, Site Design,
Architecture & Interiors.




"Atelier d'Architecture" has built a reputation for problem solving of a very personal nature.
Our clients, their needs and their personal involvement are central to our approach.

Our professional values reflect the desire to embrace our clients with complete service.
We strive to meet the needs of the assignment and create a working relationship with
our clients whereby the solutions which are provided are uniquely individual, and always
consistent with our commitment to quality of service.


Atelier d'Architecture  l  Kibbutz Lohmei Hagetaot,  Western Galilee 22803 Israel  l  Phone: 04-9933826  l  Fax: 04-9933874  l  E-mailatelier@loh.co.il